ecns ecns zh-cn <![CDATA[U.S. states' road expansion clashes with federal infrastructure priorities: media]]>Economy states have focused on expanding roads rather than rehabilitating existing ones, contradicting the new transportation priorities set by the federal government, The Washington Post reported Monday.2021-05-25 01:31:19<![CDATA[China to boost development of museums]]>Culture will pool efforts to promote the high-quality development of museums with the aim to build itself into a country with top-level museums by 2035, noted a guideline issued on Monday.2021-05-24 23:34:17<![CDATA[Xi says China ready to strengthen coordination with Iran, safeguard common interests]]>Politics President Xi Jinping said Monday that China supports Iran's reasonable demands concerning the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action on the Iranian nuclear issue, and stands ready to strengthen coordination with Iran and safeguard the common interests of both sides.2021-05-24 23:31:31<![CDATA[Xi eyes strategic China-Vietnam community with shared future]]>Politics President Xi Jinping said Monday that China stands ready to make active efforts with Vietnam to build the two countries into a community with a shared future that bears strategic significance.2021-05-24 23:30:46<![CDATA[BBC owes Chinese people sincere apology: FM spokesperson]]>Politics Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said on Monday the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has no sense of right and wrong, and follows no principles, adding the media agency owes Chinese people "a sincere apology."2021-05-24 22:12:29<![CDATA[Filipinos prefer China's Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine: survey]]>Society prefer Chinese drugmaker Sinovac Biotech's CoronaVac vaccine over other COVID-19 vaccines, according to an independent poll released on Monday.2021-05-24 19:37:17<![CDATA[Russia records 8,406 new COVID-19 cases]]>Society confirmed 8,406 new COVID-19 infections over the past 24 hours, taking its nationwide tally to 5,009,911, the official monitoring and response center said Monday.2021-05-24 19:37:17<![CDATA[World Health Assembly kicks off to focus on ending COVID-19, preparing for next pandemic]]>Society 74th World Health Assembly (WHA) kicked off on Monday to stress the urgency of ending the current COVID-19 pandemic and preventing the next one by building a healthier, safer and fairer world.2021-05-24 19:37:17<![CDATA[Chinese mainland urges Taiwan to stop political manipulation]]>Politics Chinese Mainland is urging the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) of the Taiwan region to stop political manipulation on the pretext of the coronavirus, said a Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson on Monday.2021-05-24 18:22:27<![CDATA[China's electronic information manufacturing sector posts stable growth]]>Sci-tech's electronic information manufacturing sector maintained its stable expansion in the first four months of 2021, according to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).2021-05-24 18:18:50<![CDATA[Huawei reiterates it doesn't make cars]]>Business tech giant Huawei released an announcement on May 24, reiterating that the company is not making cars and will not make cars in the future, The Paper reported.2021-05-24 18:17:51<![CDATA[Hotan Museum recognized for top quality]]>Culture exhibition about the culture and history of Hotan prefecture in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region was recognized as one of the 10 finest exhibitions in China for 2020 by the Chinese Museums Association on Tuesday.2021-05-24 18:17:51<![CDATA[Shepherd rescues six freezing cross-country runners ]]>Ecns wire Keming, a shepherd who lives in Jingtai County, Baiyin City, Northwest China鈥檚 Gansu Province, rescued six freezing cross-country runners on Saturday.2021-05-24 17:46:36<![CDATA[Students affected by earthquake resume classes at Maduo, Qinghai]]>Photo tents were set up for students as temporary learning sites to help students affected by earthquake resume classes on Monday at Maduo County of Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, northwest China's Qinghai Province.2021-05-24 17:24:11<![CDATA[Vogalonga regatta held to celebrate 1,600th anniversary of Venice]]>Photo take part in the Vogalonga regatta in Italy鈥檚 Venice, May 23, 2021. The row regatta is dedicated to the 1,600th anniversary of the birth of Venice. 2021-05-24 17:14:20<![CDATA[Panda cub 'Feng Bin' receives awesome gift in Japan]]>Photo cute panda cub "Feng Bin" receives an awesome gift made of bamboo for his 1/2 birthday at the Adventure World theme park in Shirahama, Japan.2021-05-24 17:12:33<![CDATA[China to improve international competitiveness, influence of tourism services]]>Travel News plans to improve the international competitiveness and influence of its tourism services, according to a recent guideline from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.2021-05-24 16:52:37<![CDATA[Einstein handwritten letter with equation fetches $1.2 mln]]>Photo handout photo released by courtesy of RR Auction shows a handwritten letter from Albert Einstein to Polish-U.S. physicist Ludwik Silberstein, dated October 26, 19462021-05-24 16:07:30<![CDATA[Europe embraces gradual return to normal life amid lockdown lifting]]>Society is embracing a cautious but steady return to normal life as lockdowns are gradually being eased in many countries ahead of a much-awaited tourist season.2021-05-24 16:02:38<![CDATA[New Zealand's scholar calls on public to know China from 'reputable sources']]>Culture New Zealand's scholar has called on the public to learn more and better about China from "reputable sources" instead of groundless allegations based on manufactured information.2021-05-24 15:57:04<![CDATA[From barren land to wonderland, agricultural park in C China becomes must-see place]]>Photo from a barren land to a wonderland, a modern agricultural industrial park in central China's Henan province has become a must-see tourist attraction in the province.2021-05-24 15:43:00<![CDATA[Snow-covered Azalea flowers in N China create unseasonal summer scenery]]>Photo Azalea flowers are covered by snow in the Greater Khingan Mountains, north China's Inner Mongolia, creating an unseasonal summer scenery.2021-05-24 15:37:14<![CDATA[China's agricultural product wholesale prices edge down]]>Society wholesale prices of China's agricultural products edged down last week, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.2021-05-24 15:35:47<![CDATA[People pay final respect for China's 'Father of hybrid rice']]>Photo gather at the farewell ceremony of Yuan Longping, dubbed China鈥檚 鈥淔ather of hybrid rice鈥? to pay their final respect at the Mingyangshan funeral parlor in Changsha, Central China's Hunan province, May 24, 2021.2021-05-24 15:25:42<![CDATA[Japan opens mass vaccination centers in Tokyo, Osaka]]>Society on Monday opened large-scale vaccination centers in Tokyo and Osaka with the state-backed facilities aimed at speeding up the country's sluggish COVID-19 vaccination rollout.2021-05-24 15:10:47<![CDATA[Over 500 mln COVID-19 vaccine doses administered across China]]>Society than 500 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines had been administered across China as of Sunday, the National Health Commission said Monday.2021-05-24 15:10:47<![CDATA[Touching the intelligent technologies at the fifth WIC]]>Photo fifth World Intelligence Congress, a major artificial intelligence (AI) event in China, kicked off in north China's Tianjin Municipality on May 20, highlighting frontier AI technologies and applications. 2021-05-24 15:09:35<![CDATA[Better risk management urged for running after Gansu tragedy]]>Society casualties at a recent cross-country running event have hit China's booming running industry with a painful alert as the governing body calls for more prudent risk management and contingency plans at future events.2021-05-24 14:52:27<![CDATA[People pay homage to deceased top hepatobiliary surgeon Wu Mengchao]]>Photo paid homage to deceased Wu Mengchao, the "Father of Chinese hepatobiliary surgery," during the weekend.2021-05-24 13:50:14<![CDATA[DRC refugees returning home after lava flows stopped]]>Society of residents from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) seeking refuge in Rwanda are on their way back home after lava flows from the Mount Nyiragongo volcano stopped, Rwanda's Emergency Management Ministry said on Sunday.2021-05-24 13:42:33<![CDATA[Guangzhou woman infected by virus from India]]>Society 75-year-old woman confirmed with COVID-19 in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, on Friday had contracted a mutated strain that had come from India, medical experts found after clinical studies and gene sequencing.2021-05-24 13:28:26<![CDATA[Pound Paws Dog Day at Bondi Beach in Sydney]]>Photo dog show was held at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia, on Sunday to raise awareness about lifeguard dogs and the adoption of pet dogs.2021-05-24 13:22:39<![CDATA[1,500-year-old 'national treasure': Gongyi Grotto Temple wows tourists]]>Photo 1,500-year-old Gongyi Grotto Temple in China鈥檚 Henan Province wows visitors. 2021-05-24 13:16:25<![CDATA[Malaysian company ramps up local fill-and-finish of China's Sinovac COVID-19 vaccines]]>Society pharmaceutical company Pharmaniaga is ramping up local fill-and-finish of COVID-19 vaccines developed by Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac, a senior official said Sunday.2021-05-24 13:16:16<![CDATA[China sees accelerated power generation growth in Jan.-April]]>Society saw accelerated growth in power generation in the first four months of 2021, official data shows.2021-05-24 13:11:56<![CDATA[U.S. should not decry China for lending to BRI countries: media]]>Economy United States should not decry China for lending to countries involved in the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), and should instead extend infrastructure lending to poor countries, according to The Diplomat magazine.2021-05-24 13:04:07<![CDATA[India's COVID-19 death toll crosses 300,000]]>Society's COVID-19 death toll crossed the 300,000-mark, reaching 303,720 on Monday, the health ministry said.2021-05-24 13:03:03<![CDATA[Farewell, Yuan Longping, 鈥榝ather of hybrid rice鈥橾]>Photo globally renowned Chinese agronomist Yuan Longping, the "father of hybrid rice," passed away at 13:07 BJT on Saturday at the age of 91. Many Chinese people pay homage to the top Chinese scientist during the weekend. 2021-05-24 12:12:38<![CDATA[Water level of Ganjiang River rises due to torrential rain]]>Photo photo taken on May 23, 2021 shows trees immersed in water along the Ganjiang River in Nanchang, east China's Jiangxi Province. Water level of Ganjiang River has been rising due to the torrential rain. 2021-05-24 11:02:22<![CDATA[Pic story of Luopu's edible fungi industry in Xinjiang]]>Photo villager picks edible fungi at a planting base in Luopu County of Hotan Prefecture, northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, May 22, 2021. 2021-05-24 10:48:10<![CDATA[Farmers and farm cattle work in terraced fields in Liping County, Guizhou]]>Photo and farm cattle work in the terraced fields during an event presenting the local agricultural traditions in Liping County of Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, southwest China's Guizhou Province, May 23, 2021.2021-05-24 10:37:26<![CDATA[Dog show held near Bucharest, Romania]]>Photo Puli Grey dog competes at a dog show during the COVID-19 pandemic near Bucharest, Romania, May 23, 2021.2021-05-24 10:33:20<![CDATA[More Chinese NEVs headed for Norway]]>Society new energy vehicle producers are making a foray into Norway, one of the most NEV-obsessed countries worldwide, as a first approach to Europe.2021-05-24 10:17:16<![CDATA[Australian universities plea for return of int'l students]]>Society Australian universities have issued a plea to the federal government to allow international students back into the country.2021-05-24 10:15:42<![CDATA[Chinese e-sports club RNG beats DWG KIA to become MSI 2021 champion]]>Society many expected that a Chinese e-sports club would stand on the highest podium of this year's League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational, but the prodigies of Chinese e-sports club Royal Never Give Up proved all the doubters wrong to once again claim the world title.2021-05-24 09:56:36<![CDATA[Cosmetics and personal care products that can beautify world]]>Economy's cosmetics industry is on a fast trajectory of growth, fueled by Chinese female consumers' increasing pursuit of beauty and the trend of consumption upgrade.2021-05-24 09:56:36<![CDATA[Intelligent technologies, applications help people live smarter lives]]>Sci-tech in an exhibition area at the fifth World Intelligence Congress, a major artificial intelligence (AI) event that concluded Sunday in north China's Tianjin Municipality, were treated to a musical performance like no other -- from a band of both robots and humans.2021-05-24 09:54:57<![CDATA[PBOC: Two-way fluctuations of yuan will become norm in the future]]>Economy fluctuations, either appreciation or depreciation, of China's currency renminbi will become the norm in the future, with its exchange rate continuing to depend on market supply and demand as well as changes in the international financial markets, a senior central bank official said on Sunday.2021-05-24 09:52:26<![CDATA[Lamborghini to introduce pure electric model after 2025]]>Sci-tech sports car and SUV maker Lamborghini has said its first fully electric model will roll out after 2025 but no later than 2030.2021-05-24 08:56:45<![CDATA[Authorities urge continued relief efforts in quake-hit Yunnan, Qinghai]]>Society authorities on Sunday urged continued relief efforts in the quake-hit provinces of Yunnan and Qinghai, stressing the priority of ensuring the livelihood of the affected.2021-05-24 08:55:55<![CDATA[At least 9 killed, dozens injured in multiple weekend shootings across U.S.]]>Society east coast to west coast, at least nine people, including two girls, were killed and dozens injured in multiple shootings in several U.S. states over the weekend.2021-05-24 08:55:55<![CDATA[CPEC to bring economic development for Pakistan, entire region: PM]]>Economy Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Sunday that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will bring economic development not only for Pakistan but also for the entire region, according to the Prime Minister Office.2021-05-24 08:55:55<![CDATA[COVID-19 vaccination site for Chinese nationals launched in Dubai]]>Society United Arab Emirates (UAE) and China on Sunday announced the official launch of a regional vaccination site in Dubai for Chinese nationals.2021-05-24 08:55:55<![CDATA[Chinese mainland reports 18 new COVID-19 cases, all from overseas]]>Society Chinese mainland recorded 18 new COVID-19 cases on Sunday, all from overseas, data from the National Health Commission (NHC) showed on Monday.2021-05-24 08:43:46<![CDATA[Protecting biodiversity requires collective ambitions, actions]]>Society is a cornerstone for the world to build a shared future for all life on Earth. Under the theme of "we are part of the solution," the International Day for Biological Diversity on May 22 this year provides a new chance for the world to discuss solutions to issues including biodiversity loss, climate change, and pollution.2021-05-24 08:40:22<![CDATA[Media, think tanks set to boost RCEP exchanges]]>Economy attend the RCEP Media &Think Tank Forum in Haikou, Hainan province, on Sunday.The economic rise and future growth of Asia will require free trade to play a bigger role," he said in the video.2021-05-24 08:40:22<![CDATA[Death toll from Italy cable car crash rises to 13]]>Society people were killed and two children have been hospitalized with multiple injuries after a cable car crashed in Italy's northern Piedmont region, the National Corps of Alpine and Speleological Rescue (Cnsas) said Sunday.2021-05-24 08:32:13<![CDATA[Tibet hits highs driven by roads, infrastructure]]>Economy building of roads and other infrastructure funded by government investment has helped transform the Tibet autonomous region into a prosperous new world, according to the region's leaders.2021-05-24 08:32:13<![CDATA[China's Mars rover begins exploring Red Planet]]>Sci-tech's Martian rover Zhurong has started its scientific exploration after moving from the landing platform onto the Red Planet's surface on Saturday morning, according to the China National Space Administration.2021-05-24 08:32:13<![CDATA[Xi's condolences conveyed to family of 'father of hybrid rice']]>Politics President Xi Jinping has extended condolences to the family of scientist Yuan Longping, known as "father of hybrid rice," who died on Saturday at the age of 91.2021-05-24 08:17:39<![CDATA[Justice urged for Americans of color over anniversary of George Floyd's death: media]]>Society of other men and women of color who lost their lives as a result of interactions with police in the 12 months since George Floyd's death have demonstrated the urgency of a social justice movement targeting police reform and systemic racism.2021-05-24 08:13:17<![CDATA[Palestine warns Israel about actions against Palestinians in East Jerusalem]]>Politics on Sunday warned Israel about actions against Palestinians, especially in East Jerusalem, noting they may lead to more tension in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.2021-05-24 08:13:17<![CDATA[Blinken says unclear if Iran ready to return to compliance with nuclear deal]]>Politics Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Sunday that it remains unclear if Tehran is willing to take steps to return to compliance with the Iran nuclear deal.2021-05-24 08:13:17<![CDATA[Egypt receives raw materials to produce Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine]]>Politics has received the first batch of the raw materials to manufacture China's Sinovac vaccine, said the Chinese embassy in Egypt on Sunday.2021-05-24 08:13:17<![CDATA[EU leaders condemn Ryanair flight's diversion to Belarus]]>Politics Union (EU) leaders on Sunday condemned the diversion of an Athens-Vilnius Ryanair flight to Minsk, the capital of Belarus, and warned possible sanctions against Belarus in the EU summit scheduled on Monday.2021-05-24 08:13:17<![CDATA[Famous Japanese ballet dancer Mikiko Matsuyama dies at 98]]>Society Matsuyama, a renowned Japanese ballet dancer who had made a great contribution to introducing the Chinese culture to Japan, died in Tokyo at the age of 98 on Saturday, Matsuyama Ballet said.2021-05-23 19:47:34<![CDATA[UN praises 'Father of Hybrid Rice' Yuan Longping as true food hero]]>Sci-tech United Nations praised as a true food hero on Saturday "Father of Hybrid Rice" Yuan Longping, renowned for developing the first hybrid rice strain that pulled countless people out of hunger.2021-05-23 15:36:20<![CDATA[China allocates emergency funds to quake-hit Qinghai, Yunnan]]>Society has allocated 10 million yuan (about 1.56 million U.S. dollars) from its central budget for disaster relief to the provinces of Yunnan and Qinghai after they were rattled by a series of earthquakes on Friday and Saturday.2021-05-23 14:31:59<![CDATA[Chinese mainland reports 1 new locally transmitted COVID-19 case]]>Society total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases on the mainland reached 90,973 by Saturday, including 315 patients still receiving treatment, three of whom were in severe condition.2021-05-23 13:31:58<![CDATA[India COVID-19 tally rises to 26,530,132, daily deaths fall below 4,000]]>Society's COVID-19 tally rose to 26,530,132 with 240,842 new cases registered in the past 24 hours, said the federal Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Sunday.2021-05-23 13:29:39<![CDATA[World Food Prize Foundation remembers Yuan Longping]]>Sci-tech Longping, the "Father of Hybrid Rice" who passed away on Saturday at 91, will be long remembered as one of the "most laudable leaders" who helped feed the world, the World Food Prize Foundation, which honored the Chinese scientist 17 years ago, said.2021-05-23 12:17:07<![CDATA[3rd LD: Death toll rises to 21 in mountain marathon in China's Gansu]]>Society death toll has increased to 21 after extreme weather hit participants in a 100-km cross-country mountain marathon race in Baiyin City, northwest China's Gansu Province, the local rescue headquarters said on Sunday.2021-05-23 12:00:16<![CDATA[Death toll rises to 20 in mountain marathon in China's Gansu]]>Society people were confirmed dead and another one still missing after extreme weather hit participants in a 100-km cross-country mountain marathon race in northwest China's Gansu Province, local authorities told a press briefing on Sunday morning.2021-05-23 10:52:20<![CDATA[COVID-19 variant cases continue to be identified in Los Angeles]]>Society cases of COVID-19 continued to be identified in Los Angeles County, the most populous county in the United States, public health officials said Saturday.2021-05-23 10:36:09<![CDATA[China greenlights five sci-tech innovation IPOs]]>Sci-tech's securities regulator has approved the initial public offerings (IPOs) of five companies on the science and technology innovation board.2021-05-23 10:36:09<![CDATA[1921 Tulsa Race Massacre: Justice far overdue]]>Ecns wire centenarian survivors of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre testified in court during a U.S. congressional hearing on Wednesday, suing the city of Tulsa. It has been a hundred years since a violent white mob swept the city鈥檚 "Black Wall Street," "killing hundreds of African Americans," according to The Guardian.2021-05-23 09:02:12<![CDATA[China's Lu'an reports 1 new locally-transmitted COVID-19 case]]>Society'an City of east China's Anhui Province on Saturday reported one new confirmed locally-transmitted COVID-19 case, according to the municipal health commission.2021-05-23 08:12:44<![CDATA[FAO official mourns death of China's 'father of hybrid rice']]>Sci-tech Dongyu, Director-General of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), on Saturday expressed his sadness over the death of Yuan Longping, China's "Father of Hybrid Rice."2021-05-23 08:12:44<![CDATA[4 IS militants killed in airdrop operation in eastern Iraq]]>Politics militants of the extremist Islamic State (IS) group were killed on Saturday in an airdrop operation in Iraq's eastern province of Diyala, a police source said.2021-05-23 08:12:44<![CDATA[Gaza government offices to reopen Sunday: official]]>Politics government offices in the Gaza Strip are to reopen on Sunday following the end of the fighting between Israel and militant groups in Gaza that continued for 11 days, a government official said on Saturday.2021-05-23 08:12:44<![CDATA[Checklist of new and newly recorded species in Yunnan released]]>ECNS Wire Checklist of new and newly recorded species in Yunnan (1992-2020), issued by the Department of Ecology and Environment of Yunnan Province, was released at the press conference of the 2021 International Biodiversity Day on May 22 in Kunming. 2021-05-22 17:41:47<![CDATA[Car hits crowd, kills 4 in northeast China]]>Society people were killed and three others injured after a car drove into a crowd of pedestrians in northeast China's Liaoning Province, on Saturday.2021-05-22 16:04:22<![CDATA[Chinese central government alots 1.63 trln yuan to Tibet in last 70 years]]>Politics Chinese central government allocated an accumulative investment of 1.63 trillion yuan (about 253 billion U.S. dollars) in the 70 years after the peaceful liberation of Tibet, said Wu Yingjie, Communist Party of China chief of Tibet.2021-05-22 16:04:22<![CDATA[China's first Mars rover drives onto red planet's surface]]>Sci-tech's first Mars rover, Zhurong, has driven down from its landing platform to the Martian surface, the China National Space Administration (CNSA) announced on Saturday.2021-05-22 14:15:35<![CDATA[Foreign investment welcomed in Tibet: official]]>Economy investment is welcomed in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, and the region will work to better use the funds, a senior regional official said on Saturday.2021-05-22 14:02:04<![CDATA['Father of hybrid rice' Yuan Longping dies at 91]]>Sci-tech scientist Yuan Longping, renowned for developing the first hybrid rice strains that have pulled countless people out of hunger, passed away at 91 on Saturday.2021-05-22 14:02:04<![CDATA[China to continue supporting Bangladesh in fighting COVID-19 pandemic: FM]]>Politics stands ready to continue supporting Bangladesh in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Friday in a phone conversation with Bangladeshi Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen.2021-05-22 13:39:54<![CDATA[Biden, Moon voice willingness to engage with DPRK]]>Politics President Joe Biden and visiting South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Friday expressed a shared willingness to engage with Pyongyang, reaffirming the goal to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula.2021-05-22 13:39:54<![CDATA[Trump sued for calling COVID-19 'China virus']]>Politics U.S. President Donald Trump has been sued by a civil rights group for calling COVID-19 the "China virus."2021-05-22 10:45:18<![CDATA[China sends work teams to quake-hit areas in Yunnan, Qinghai]]>Society work teams have been dispatched to quake-hit areas in the Chinese provinces of Yunnan and Qinghai, according to the Ministry of Emergency Management (MEM) Saturday.2021-05-22 09:45:25<![CDATA[Experts attend online forum on Xinjiang]]>Politics group of experts and scholars from around the world attended an online forum on Thursday, discussing the situation in China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.2021-05-22 09:23:38<![CDATA[No casualties reported after 7.4-magnitude quake hits China's Qinghai]]>Society casualties have been reported after a 7.4-magnitude earthquake jolted northwest China's Qinghai Province Saturday, said local authorities.2021-05-22 09:21:15<![CDATA[Yunnan earthquakes kill 3, injure 27]]>Society least 3 people were killed and 27 others injured as of 6 a.m. Saturday after a series of earthquakes jolted Yangbi Yi Autonomous County in Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, southwest China's Yunnan Province, local authorities said.2021-05-22 08:50:27<![CDATA[Chinese mainland reports 1 new locally transmitted COVID-19 case]]>Society Chinese mainland on Friday reported one new locally transmitted COVID-19 case in Guangdong Province, the National Health Commission said in its daily report on Saturday.2021-05-22 08:50:27<![CDATA[China slaps penalties on 5 financial institutions]]>Economy's top banking and insurance regulator has slapped fines totaling around 366 million yuan (about 56.92 million U.S. dollars) on institutions and individuals in cracking down on financial violations.2021-05-21 23:43:23<![CDATA[Xi says China has honored its commitment to helping world fight COVID-19]]>Politics has honored its commitment and carried out large-scale global humanitarian actions to help the world fight the COVID-19 pandemic, Chinese President Xi Jinping said Friday.2021-05-21 21:13:32<![CDATA[Xi stresses spirit of science, science-based approach, law of science in COVID-19 fight]]>Politics President Xi Jinping on Friday called on countries to advocate the spirit of science, adopt a science-based approach, and follow the law of science as the world is faced with the new infectious disease of COVID-19.2021-05-21 21:13:32<![CDATA[Political manipulation in COVID-19 response brings greater harm to people around globe: Xi]]>Politics manipulation would not serve COVID-19 response, and it would only disrupt international cooperation against the virus and bring greater harm to people around the world, Chinese President Xi Jinping said Friday.2021-05-21 21:13:32<![CDATA[Xi addresses global health summit]]>Politics President Xi Jinping attended the Global Health Summit and delivered a speech via video in Beijing on Friday.2021-05-21 21:13:32<![CDATA[Battle with COVID-19 for people, by people: Xi]]>Politics battle with COVID-19 is one for the people and by the people, Chinese President Xi Jinping said Friday.2021-05-21 21:13:32 伊人一伊人综合视频 久草在线免费观看 大香蕉一本道久在线 a片毛片免费观看!,成人影片人人看免费一,在线播放免费人成视频 天天射天天日-嗷嗷爱嗷嗷啪在线视频-撸冠希-狠狠热在线视频免费 舔丝足交,偷拍女人小便厕所外阴,美国av,女主播自视频在线观看 在线观看亚洲天堂网,狠撸大香蕉迅雷影音,松岛枫av名字,亚洲熟女乱伦在线 性感日本av美女诱惑,在线视频 亚洲 久,杨幂lnyichen私密床照,抽插学妹嫩 女星潜规则偷拍图 偷拍美女小便艺术 欧美色图自拍偷拍强奸乱伦 播电影_快播伦理电影_最新好看的快播电影在线观看-快播看片网 免费视频聊聊天室,人妻 国产 超碰,亚洲男操欧洲女,初中女厕所偷拍图 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